Rational Boxes is based in the beautiful lower Columbia region of Washington state, a short way down river from Portland Oregon. This gorgeous and green area provides ample opportunities to decompress and recharge from the demands of creating innovative technologies. Located within easy reach of the technology hubs of Portland Oregon and Seattle Washington we enjoy the best of both the city and country.

Meet our People

James Hickman

Owner, CEO

Founder of the company. Jack of all trades and master of quite a few. Wrote first web application around the year 2000. Linux enthusiast since around 1998. Interested in a wide range of technical and scientific topics. Fanatical about making software solutions as efficient and elegant as possible, even if perfection is eternally just out of reach. I take pleasure in a good cup of coffee and working in my garden.

Ingo Schmied

Full Stack Developer

I am a computer nerd/engineer hybrid. I love code, digital electronics, and music, and in my mind they are all closely related.

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Rational Boxes is a growing concern! If you are a gifted developer, project manager or B2B marketing expert send your resume.